Our first point of service is to provide offer pricing to you for your equipment before we have arranged to collect it. This establishes exactly what you can expect to receive right at the beginning of the process. This pricing will be applied to our goods received test report less any deductions required for faulty, damaged or incorrectly described assets.


Our equipment collection will be arranged and completed promptly, even when goods require palletizing and shrink wrapping. If a full on-site packaging solution is required prior to shipment an assessment will be made to determine whether the increased costs involved will incur some additional charge.

Testing & Reporting

We usually process equipment and provide our Goods Received Report within 10 business days of the collection. Once you confirm your acceptance of our report a tax invoice can be sent to us which will be paid within 14 days of receipt.

Repairs & Re-evalutation

Where faults or damages are found in a particular item that has saleable value we will assess making repairs to the item so that it can be re-utilized rather than recycled.

Certified Data Wiping

Where data wiping is required we use the Secure Eraze sanitization method of data destruction which is superior to traditional forms of data wiping because it uses the disc drive’s own firmware to perform the wipe.

Certificate of Data Destruction

A Certificate of Data Destruction can be issued if required for each consignment of computers which indicates the procedure employed to erase the data and the number of hard disc drives erased or physically destroyed.

Removal of Corporate Identification

Our e-waste recycling policy is to prioritize reuse opportunities which provide a social benefit in Australia for ICT assets and to direct our e-waste to SIMS Recycling.

Staff Sales

A Staff Sales Program which ensures that your staff can make enquiries, place orders, arrange delivery and make payments through our telephone point of sale process can be provided where required for staff to purchase items which have been collected by us from your organisation.